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Ducks on a pond

Ducks on a pond

Photo 1 the 2016 Collection

It has been months since I posted anything, I was working on a large project and it took all my time, working and spare.
My contract has now ended, the project has a life of its own and I have some time off. Well not quiet that simple as I am looking for the next job now but it is quieter.
If you are wondering what I was doing go here Minibus taxi industry pilots card payments. My team built the cash to card switch and the Point-of-Sale software on top of the custom built device developed by the company I was working for.
I am proud of the final package the team put together, it has now taken a life of its own and no longer needs me, my job is done.

Onto today’s photo, fellow Joburg Photowalker Sandor Oroszi thought it was about time for us to do a Lensbaby photowalk, so we did.
Next few photos, I will post are going to be Lensbaby or as I call it, the art of purposely degrading a perfectly good sensor…

Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

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Surreal Sunrise

Surreal Sunrise

Photo 76 of 356 of the 2015 Collection

Surreal Sunrise shot by Geraldine at the Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk 2015 in Melville.
You can see Sandton business district in the horizon.

Photograph by Geraldine Parent © 2015

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