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Ducks on a pond

Ducks on a pond

Photo 1 the 2016 Collection

It has been months since I posted anything, I was working on a large project and it took all my time, working and spare.
My contract has now ended, the project has a life of its own and I have some time off. Well not quiet that simple as I am looking for the next job now but it is quieter.
If you are wondering what I was doing go here Minibus taxi industry pilots card payments. My team built the cash to card switch and the Point-of-Sale software on top of the custom built device developed by the company I was working for.
I am proud of the final package the team put together, it has now taken a life of its own and no longer needs me, my job is done.

Onto today’s photo, fellow Joburg Photowalker Sandor Oroszi thought it was about time for us to do a Lensbaby photowalk, so we did.
Next few photos, I will post are going to be Lensbaby or as I call it, the art of purposely degrading a perfectly good sensor…

Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

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