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I know I have been very quiet since last year, I did not make any new years resolutions and I do not claim to be the most regular guy when it comes to posts. I’d rather have quality over quantity, to be honest. I am sure that most of you will agree.

The truth of the matter is I am far from better, as much as I wish it to be otherwise. Unfortunately, wishes are just that, wishes. But more on that another day.

The big news, I will be moving all the business related posts to a new site. I have various people I highly respect that are interested in guest posting, and I do not want to take their glory, so expect Tech Mages to be launched soon. It will be a dedicated place to get top micro to small business information technologies and other subjects expertise. With no filters, just the truth as we see it. So you are enabled to make educated decisions on your own.

The second, big news is that a fully redesigned PhilGuides Southern Africa site is near development completion. New content is being developed as ~I write this, it is going to start slow, but I am sure that tourist will find its value soon enough. I will inform you on both when they are ready.

To conclude, happy new year and keep an eye here, many good things are coming.

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