VW POLO 1.6 TDI, a 1500Km later

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The full technical specification for the car are here. But in short, 77kw and 250Nm from 1.500 r/min, not bad for a 1.6 Diesel. Options, factory fitted panoramic sunroof, mud flaps and 3rd party tow bar. Colour: White.

I have never written a review for a car, simply because I fondly believe that one needs to use any item for more then 10 minutes to review it objectively. It’s been over a 1500 kilometres and a few hours. It’s been driven on open roads and bumper to bumper traffic alike. And, more importantly, I use it everyday.


The things that makes the car nice:

  • The 6.9 L/100km in heavy traffic was a surprise, particularly with the fact hat is is very new.
  • It is relatively confortable, the cabin is spacious and there is perceived quality that is expected of a more luxury manufacturer.
  • The panoramic sunroof is really nicely done.
  • The steering wheel radio/Bluetooth telephone controls, though I believe it should be standard on all cars.
  • A nice touch is the Hill Hold Assist which will hold your car for a time sufficient to release the clutch and pull off and not roll back.
  • I also found the Cruise Control very accurate and efficient, I think long trips must be a joy because of it.
  • Forgot to close your windows or sunroof and left the car, press and hold the lock button on the key and voila. It closes and locks up the car tight.

There are also missing items from the menu at the price the car goes at I would expect, these are not even optional, maybe I just miss them from my Peugeot:

  • Auto headlights
  • Climate control
  • Auto windscreen wipers

Now there are issues that bug me with the car but generally it’s been a good experience, so what bugs me? Or am I just nit-picking?

  • The key remote control, that press twice to open all doors gets the better of me.
  • The clutch action, in traffic you tend to use the clutch a lot, I know I do not always take my foot off and I should, however there are times in bumper traffic where the stop and go is such that you don’t. I drove another 2 POLOs to check this and they all do the same, there is a irritating vibration coming through the clutch pedal when you foot just lies on it, with or without the gear engaged.
  • The mud flaps keep touching the floor in many situation, the car is generally too low.

I think that I’ll wrap it off now and give another report later in it’s life.

PS: For my photography friends, I will try to shoot it better, I am looking for a location and weather to do so.

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